For customizing WebOPAC, use custom.asp. It enables you to specify:


Library Information

Here you can specify the Institution name, Librarian's name, Phone number and Librarian's e-mail address.


Banner Picture File

You can select the Banner, that will appear on the Home page and the web pages that are part of the Web OPAC. The picture file should be present in the w21/images folder. Type the name of the file in the Name text box. You can also specify the Alignment, Height and Width for the banner.


Database Location

To set the database location, click Set Database Location. Select the desired backend and give the database path. Click Test Connection. Verify that the message "Test Connection Successful" appears.


Default Catalogues and Item types

Click Set Default Catalogues and Item types. Here you can

1. Set the default Item types for search.

2. Select Default Columns For Search Result and

3. Set catalogue order for browsing


Preferences and Settings

You can change the options to "true / false"  depending on your requirement. You as a librarian can enable the users to,

1. Allow claims on Web

2. Allow word search on web

3. Allow web renewal

4. Allow web renewal on fine

5. Display borrower ID and names on Web