Simple Search

Type the word to be searched in the Search text box and click Go. The search engine will search the word in all the access points , bibliographic description elements of records and the result will be displayed according to the match found.

Simple search does phrase search such as 'mass communication' when you enter both these words in the text box for Word Search.

Advanced Search

Here you can specify different selection criteria for the search, such as range of Accession Dates, and  Years of Publication. You can also select one or more material types as well as choose the catalogues to be searched.

The Catalogue menu list allow you to select a catalogue or item description field using which you formulate a search. A catalogue has index entries which speed up the search. For example, the Author catalogue has names of authors (usually surname first.)

Unlike simple search (word search) advance search is a Structured Search using Boolean operator.

You can structure your search as follows.

a)      Search For- Specify your search string. E.g.  Sharma

b)      Select Field- The Catalogue menu lists allow you to select a catalogue.

A catalogue has index entries, which speed up the search. For example, the Author catalogue has names of authors (usually surname first.)

c)      Specify Position in the field- Can specify position of field as specified below




Anywhere in the Field

This conducts the search for the word (s) you enter through library item detail description and the catalogue entries. Searching Bjarne through Author will fetch items by "Stroustrup, Bjarne".

At The Beginning of the Field

Use this if you are searching for an author by surname, a key word by the leading term. The catalogues and the item details are also available for browsing. A browse through the key word catalogue gives a good idea of the subjects covered by the library collection.

Exactly Matches The Field

This is useful if a search using an exact match is required.



Click Search

The search engine will search for the words as per specified criteria and the result will be displayed according to the match found. The above search criteria may be combined with Boolean Operators such as AND, OR and NOT. Using the More Conditions  button more criteria may be added to the search in advance search.


You may further filter the search results by specifying additional selection criteria such as


a) Specify Accession Dates Range

Accession Date is the date on which the library acquires the item. By default all items are considered for inclusion in the search, regardless of the date of accession. It is possible to define a range of dates, for example: 01/04/1999 and 31/08/99 or 01/Apr/1999 and 31/Aug/1999, to see items acquired between first of April and 31st of August in year 1999. Format is dd/mmm/yyyy. Both the dates for limits in the range are needed.


b) Specify Publication Year Range

By default all items are selected regardless of the publication year. If the range of publication years is specified, such as 1996 and 1999 (4 digits, all numeric, provide both the upper and the lower limit), items with publication years within this range are considered for inclusion in the result set.

c) Select Item Types

Select one or more material types for eg. You would like to search only articles or Journal articles etc. Multiple material types may be selected using the Ctrl key.

d) Digital Material Only

If you check Digital Material Only, the search result will include only those items that have Multimedia Links associated with them.

The Search result is displayed in a tabular format. Click the title to view details of the item.

You can navigate through the search results by clicking on the hyper links  provided.

The Search results can be viewed in Bibliography or publication format by selecting the respective format.


For the search results you can view Bibliography report, Publication report or the Circulation details of any item. For the details please refer Item Details.